Arbitrage Underdog ~ Best Fiverr/Craigslist Smart-Bot?

Arbitrage Underdog is an arbitrage Bot that works with Fiverr and Craigslist and is claimed to be one of the best on the market.

Arbitrage Underdog


Arbitrage Underdog Review

Vendor: Tom E
Product: Arbitrage Underdog
Launch Date: 2013-08-14
Launch Time: 13:00 EDT
Price: $27
Niche: Software

Arbitrage Underdog

Arbitrage Underdog Demo

Arbitrage Underdog


  1. Michelle says

    IMHO the seller of this wso is severely ethically challenged. You are told to represent several Fiverrs samples or work as yours in order to convince a Craigslister seeking a service that you are the provider of the service, when you are not. Instead, you hire out to a 5er whose samples you used to get the job and pocket the large difference. This is not arbitrage, rather it is brokering gigs without an agreement to represent the Fiverr service provider.

    • RevieWSO says

      You are partially right…however Fiverr seller is aware of the fact that his work is beeing resold. They do not have the time or expertise to go “bigger” and they dont mind repeat transactions if your reselling works fine! ;)

      It is almost a win-win-win.
      Fiverr seller makes some money
      You make more
      Your buyer gets his task done!

      PS. Some sellers on Fiverr, ask for their gig NOT to be resold without permittion!

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